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CD REVIEW: Sugar Glyder's Loers at Lightspeed EP



THE DEAL: Charlotte indie rock quartet releases its third album, first EP.

THE GOOD: Sugar Glyder's six-song EP kicks off with "Song Holiday," starting with a brief electronic interlude before rolling into its indie rock style. The band's sound is melodic and usually kinetic — offering sped up drum fills behind slower singing while going full-speed-ahead during a chorus. The band is able to display softer and heavier sides without it being a broad range between them. The vocal intro to "Deep Into Summer" reminded me of Yes' "Leave It." The group has developed a sound that carries from song to song without sounding repetitive, yet hitting hooks to leave a chorus lingering in the listener's mind. "8" had a sparser and more electronic sound to it, yet kept the band's vibe intact.

THE BAD: I'd only complain that it's just six songs.

THE VERDICT: Sugar Glyder continues down the path it started with solid instrumentation, strong vocals and balanced songwriting. It comes across as familiar without diverting from the sound fans are used to. The band will hold a CD release party at Amos' Southend on Feb. 11.

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