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CD Review: Stranger Day's You're Welcome

Permanent Vacation; Release date: July 2, 2013



No need to say "thank you" to Charlotte-based rapper Stranger Day. This boisterously confident, ballin'-on-a-budget party rapper seems to assume listeners will appreciate his latest project You're Welcome. From the DJ voice-over intro to the screwed and chopped rapper outro, Stranger Day and his mixtape DJ, Famous Jason, turn the misfit attitude all the way up on this project. Throughout You're Welcome, Day unapologetically showcases the juxtaposition of the party life and the budgeted life.

The first few tracks project a Red Solo Cup and dirty South trap rap vibe. Then, the sixth track, "Bummertime Radness," floats in. The mid-tempo track, produced by Ryan Hemsworth, masterfully samples the melancholy dance tune "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey. This jolting sonic transition from heavy trapstyle beats to hunting melodies forces the ear to hone in on Day's lyrics.

His new lyrical focus allows listeners to catch quick sprinkles of social commentary laced within the party rap tunes. Tracks like "Ro$ary," "Stole You" and "Say My Name" slyly ask listeners to question American society's power dynamics and its social status structure while catchy hooks and trapstyle beats keep heads nodding.

With all the quick flashes of social commentary seamlessly interwoven into the You're Welcome mixtape, Day also ensures he serves up what he is known for — party rap bangers. Those interested in this side of Day should check out "Peace by Piece," "Not Another One," "Shut Up," "B*tches & Weed" and "Hawaiian." But, for those listeners longing for more of Day's socially conscious commentary, You're Welcome only serves as a tease.

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