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CD REVIEW: Stacie Collins' Sometimes Ya Gotta



THE DEAL: Stacie Collins kicks Nashville's country ass.

THE GOOD: This is what country music oughta sound like. Raw, raucous and loud, Collins beats the shit out everybody else in the business, male or female. She makes Gretchen Wilson sound like a Sunday school teacher. Looking like a country-fried version of Joan Jett, Collins chronicles the lives of her white trash characters with a twangy whoop and a hint of a hiccup in her voice. With a little help from Georgia Satellite Dan Baird and Scorcher guitarist Warner E. Hodges blazing away, Collins rides hard on some of the filthiest honky-tonk you've ever heard. It's jet-fueled Bakersfield infused with Collins' back alley Chicago blues harp. Though most of the record is hardcore honky-tonk, Collins injects a Zydeco flavor into "Carry Me Away." She takes on Nashville's idea of new country on "Hey Mister:" "Three chords and a cloud of dust/it's still rock and roll no matter how you dress it up." "The Very Last Time" has her whiskey-drinking girlfriend with "legs like rubber bands, prayin' to the porcelain god on the ladies room floor" after too much whiskey.

THE BAD: It's a crime her last record, The Lucky Spot, didn't get wider release. Her white-trash chronicles from honky-tonk heaven should have made her a big star then. Hopefully, this new one will correct that problem.

THE VERDICT: Addictive hard-rockin,' hard-livin' honky-tonk you'll want to OD on.

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