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CD Review: Simplified


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The Deal: Local quartet independently releases latest CD, elephant sky.

The Good: It's no surprise that Simplified plays covers of Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson during their live shows, their music fits right in with both of them. Laid back music – sometimes conjuring up a beach vibe – combined with the solid vocals of Clee Laster make for a band that draws in just about everyone that passes by. Just about any of these tracks would fit in on radio, without being too commercial – it's just good music with hints of folk, funk, rock and reggae. There's enough of a hook to be catchy, but enough style to stand out on their own.

The Bad: When I saw the band live a few months ago, their setlist was heavy on covers. Sure, those pull in the ladies, but people might think you're a cover band ...

The Verdict: There's good reason why there's so much talk about this band – they've got mass appeal with their mellow brand of rock. Wouldn't surprise me a bit if some lucky label scooped them up. They're constantly playing around the Q.C. – check 'em out!


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