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CD Review: SIA

Some People Have Real Problems



The Deal: Australian pop songstress releases third solo album.

The Good: Hints of Fiona Apple, Tori Amos and Joss Stone can be heard in the singer's sultry songs that teeter somewhere between pop and complete melancholy. Sia hits and holds the right notes at the right times showing off some vocal prowess when it counts. She also hits some soulful, nearly Joplin-esque notes in the 5-minute bluesy "Death by Chocolate." "You Have Been Loved" could be an Alicia Keys song with its heartfelt lyrics and sultry vocals.

The Bad: It's mentioned that Beck provides some vocals on "Academia" but it's hit or miss to whether you even notice him. The pop hit "Buttons" is hidden at the end of the disc, behind "Lullaby."

The Verdict: A great album that shows off her vocal abilities. The more I listen to it, the better it gets as it combines a variety of genres – blues, jazz, pop, soul – into something fresh.

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