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CD Review: Sevendust

Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow



The Deal: Atlanta rockers release quick follow-up to 2007's Alpha; seventh studio album.

The Good: It's good to see that nothing's changed with Sevendust's sound – hard guitars, heavy drums, the melodic vocals of Lajon Witherspoon and screaming of Morgan Rose all remain intact. While the new album features Sonny Mayo – who joined in 2005 – on guitar, the band announced in March that original guitarist Clint Lowery has returned to the group. Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge offers guitar assistance on the powerful "Hope" and Chris Daughtry lends vocal help to "The Past." The first single, "Prodigal Son," would fit in with just about any other album the band has released.

The Bad: The continuation of a comfortable sound can be pleasing to a fan and monotonous. You can't really say there's growth, change, maturity, progress, etc. It's the same Sevendust you've heard before. A solid effort, but nothing that makes you say, "Wow, the band's getting better all the time!" They're just staying the course.

The Verdict: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sevendust has remained consistent over the years and this album fits in nicely with the rest.

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