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CD review: Serfs' Day Hang

Self Aware; Release Date: Jan. 29, 2016



With a bass riff and a jangly guitar chord, Serfs kicks off its first full-length album, Day Hang, with "Can't Get Control." The song's blend of noise pop and indie rock even finds goth subtleties — think Bauhaus — from time to time in the lyrical presentation. "Slowpoke" follows with fuzzed out finesse that's raw at heart. From there, the band continues to showcase its many sides and personalities, wandering in a Sonic Youth-like haze on "Wish Period" and finding '90s indie influence for "Genesis Drums." They save one of the album's best for next-to-last with the nearly eight-minute epic "Arab Street."

Since forming a handful of years ago, the band has transformed from more of a garage punk approach to shoegaze-y textures while showing maturity in its songwriting. Perhaps it took a while for the band to make this full-length happen after a handful of years together and a 2013 EP, Common Feelings, but it's solid from start to finish and Serfs made it well worth the wait.

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