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CD Review: Santogold




The Deal: Debut album from latest "buzz" victim backs up the hype.

The Good: When people were talking so much about M.I.A.'s album last year, I expected big things – it was at the top of many "Best Album" lists. I expected great vocals, original lyrics, music that crossed the lines between just about any and every genre. I wanted an album with catchy grooves, hooks that weren't over the top and an album that would make me curious to what the next track would sound like. I wanted an album that would change from song to song with different, unique beats and riffs, but not sounding too electronic or over-produced. Apparently, I was expecting exactly what you get from Santogold. Santi White, known as Santogold, is a Brooklyn native that sounds like she borrows from '80s artists like Bananarama one minute, The Cranberries the next and perhaps a moment or two of The Ramones, but her voice is the unique thread that ties them all together.

The Bad: There's a heavy '80s influence throughout the disc which would make it sound a little dated if not for the other elements that give it a more current appeal. I could have lived without the "You'll Find A Way (Remix)" that's tagged onto the end of the disc.

The Verdict: A female artist with smooth vocals who combines elements of reggae, punk, rock, pop and other genres – M.I.A. wishes she was this good ... I wouldn't be surprised to see it on "Best of" lists for 2008.

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