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CD review: Sage the Gemini's Remember Me

Republic; Release date: March 25, 2014



Sage the Gemini, a California-based rapper, gained attention last year for his songs "Gas Pedal" and "Red Nose." Lonely, minimalist songs, they started as local hits and eventually became nationally known through the micro-video blogging site Vine. Fans of the songs uploaded brief six-second videos of themselves dancing along with the music, then #gaspedal and #rednose eventually moved from Vine to Twitter to thousands of iTunes sales and, eventually, Top 40 success.

Soulja Boy's 2007 hit "Crank That" followed a similar track, where his dance song became a national phenomenon through early Internet video sharing and eventually became a No. 1 hit. Through social media, Sage got his profile high enough to demand a major label release of his debut album, Remember Me.

Though "Gas Pedal" and "Red Nose" became party anthems, Sage originally recorded both alone in his bedroom. That isolation might not have bled into those singles, but the solitary quality of Sage's music appears throughout the rest of Remember Me. The album's title track has a hook that goes "Fuck the cool crowd/Bitch I'm a nerd," positioning Sage as a self-categorized outsider. He tries to go broad with another party banger in "College Drop," but it sounds like a forced attempt to repeat a success he hadn't fully grasped.

On the album, instead of wanting to be at clubs that'd play his hits, Sage is attempting to build up the courage to approach young women that have his heart. It's a place rap's biggest star Drake has successfully mined, but where Drake is at his most confident combining issues of fame and one's romantic life, Sage sounds unsure of how to juggle these new disparate elements in his life.

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