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CD Review: Rilo Kiley

Under the Blacklight



The Deal: Frontwoman Jenny Lewis returns to her band after brief solo stint.

The Good: The band is able to find the delicate balance between alt-country and pop while staying true to their indie roots. "Dejalo" veers into a funky disco rhythm that amazingly doesn't feel out of place. Mixtures of horns with Lewis' sultry vocals ("15"), simple riffs ("The Moneymaker") and basic beats ("Silver Lining") -- it's solid in every way from start to finish. "Smoke Detector" almost has a retro-Beatles feel to it.

The Bad: Sometimes I think I'm listening to another Jenny Lewis solo album, and not something new from Rilo Kiley. "Dreamworld" helps dispell that myth though.

The Verdict: Definitely worth checking out. They're sure to pick up new friends (and lose some longtime fans) with a more radio-friendly sound, but I think they leave their indie cred intact.

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