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CD Review: Regina Spektor's Far



The Deal: 29-year-old singer's fifth studio effort continues down the anti-folk pathway.

The Good: Spektor's latest effort opens with the fun, upbeat "The Calculation," before slowing down a bit into "Eet." Her vocal gymnastics continue on this second track – she uses a style that comes across as a toned-down yodeling. The song also allows her to show her vocal range as a singer. She has a small hint of a Russian accent on some words – it provides more of a unique quality to her voice instead of a distraction. She gives hints of falsetto without it being overwhelming and also shows moments of power in songs like "Human of the Year." "Folding Chair" sounds almost Vaudevillian in its staccato rhythm. "Machine" continues to show her diversity as she sounds more like Bjork – musically and vocally. She finds a somber tone on "Laughing With" by showcasing the dichotomy of "no one's laughing at God" and "laughing with God."

The Bad: Because she's a female singer who also plays piano, she'll be undoubtedly lumped in together with artists such as Fiona Apple, Norah Jones and Tori Amos even though she has her own unique style.

The Verdict: The fun and honest personality of Spektor that I witnessed at Bonnaroo in 2007 comes through on the album. Far showcases the diverse singing and song writing ability of an underrated artist who's slowly gaining more and more notoriety.

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