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Sins of Angels



The Deal: Charlotte rock quartet riding high on recent signing to Deep South Records releases.

The Good: If there's one thing every music scene seems to be lacking these days, it's a good dose of solid rock and roll. Psycle might just be that shot in the arm -- their songs have enough hooks for radio without sounding cliche or like someone else. The songs have an odd, pop familiarity to them -- it's consistent throughout the album's 11 tracks (think Godsmack, Daughtry, 3 Doors Down). Nice vocal layering can be found on "Fireflies" and the band offers up a cover of Duran Duran's "Undone." Paul Fenner's vocals show the energy and rough edge you need for rock.

The Bad: I'm an admitted hater of falsetto in 99 percent of the cases, and this is another unfortunate case. The first song has a good groove to its solid rock base, but moments of falsetto border on cheesy. The mix sounds a little rough, giving the album more of a live feel. The bad is wondering if that was intentional or not. There's slightly weak harmonies on "Tired and Grey."

The Verdict: While the music has that familiar quality, I also missed something that made them stand out and above the rest. It's good, but it lacked that memorable quality that makes you say, "Check these guys out because ..."

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