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CD Review: Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson's Break Up



The Deal: Singer/songwriter Pete Yorn wrangles actress and singer Scarlett Johansson for album of duets.

The Good: The album kicks off with the upbeat '60s groove of "Relator." The duo gets some good harmonies going that are more raw than harmonically sound. The music is also stripped down. The album gives the impression of something that was recorded in a day – not that it has poor production, but kind of a live, spur-of-the-moment, raw edge to it. The banjo on "Wear and Tear" gives it a good front porch feeling without being too country – think Keith Urban's brand of country rock. Recorded in 2006, the duo hit the studio quickly after Yorn played the songs for her. "Search Your Heart" sounds like an outtake from Yorn's first album in rhythm, with the added depth of Johansson's vocals layered in.

The Bad: It's a bit short with nine songs clocking in in under 30 minutes. The album starts off strongly, but falls off a little bit as it goes on.

The Verdict: It's definitely better than the album of Waits covers Johansson released on her own – which was released two years after this was recorded. Fans of Yorn will enjoy this different side of the singer. Those who didn't like Johansson's first effort should give her another shot with this one. The first half was more enjoyable – the second half tended to get a little bit instrumentally spacy.

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