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CD REVIEW: Paleface's One Big Party



The Deal: Concord-based duo Paleface releases its second Ramseur Records album.

The Good: One of the New York anti-folk scenesters from the mid-'90s, Paleface has quickly established his own identity in recent years. This follow-up to his 2009 album, The Show is On the Road, takes a simpler straightforward approach, focusing on songwriting and emotions. The album hits a different note with the title track, sung by Monica "Mo" Samalot — her tender vocals present a cautionary tale before the duo kicks into a bit of a plugged-in sound with "Rock N Roll." With plenty of guests on the album lending their musical touches, it's nice to see Avett Brothers bassist Bob Crawford lend a hand to "I Wanna Travel."

The Bad: It may only be 10 tracks in roughly 35 minutes, but new music is always better than nothing at all.

The Verdict: It's nice to hear a bit more from Samalot in the vocal department. While the music remains generally simple, it's Paleface's vocals that are distinguished — along with small hints of keyboards, horns, handclaps or harmonica that fill out the sound at the right moments. It's a solid sophomore (on Ramseur) effort.

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