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CD Review: Ours

Mercy (Dancing for the Death of an Imaginary Enemy)



The Deal: Finally, after six years, Ours releases its third album.

The Good: From start to finish, the album captures previous and expected Ours sounds, while straying into murkier territory both with the lyrical and musical content. The first track, "Mercy," declares the album's overall feel with tight drum beats, intense guitar gusts and singer Jimmy Gnecco's melodically somber vocals that can go back and forth and all between – gentle singing, humming and high-pitched, sometimes spastic screams. Other highlights include the more melodic alt-rock track "The Worst Things Beautiful," the hopeful "Ran Away to Tell the World" – Lyrics beg: "Don't spend your whole life/ Waiting for your whole life/ Thinking that it's over" – the frigid and gloomy "Black," the angry and thought provoking "Murder," – Lyrics demand: "Bow down to the things that you can't let go of" – the softer and sadder "God Only Wants You" and the intense "Live Again." That isn't nearly all though. This album is brimming with euphonious tracks and an abyss of emotions.

The Bad: The album has a rather melancholy vibe that might not appeal to all listeners, but overall nothing's bad about it. I only wish it would have been released sooner.

The Verdict: Worth the wait. Ours is back in action and definitely show it on this disc. It's rich in sounds, emotional lyrics and Gnecco's pretty vocals and haunting screams.

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