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CD review: Organik Musik group's Genesis

Independent; Release Date: March 28, 2015



Charlotte-based hip-hop duo Organik Musik Group got its start at UNC Pembroke. After finishing college and getting into a 9-to-5 groove, Lenny Classix and Terrence Williams decided it was time to give it another go — the result of which is Genesis.

The band says they call it "Organik" because it has no fillers and is raw and full of substance. For the majority of the album, OMG takes a laid-back approach to its style, drawing off of elements of soul and R&B for its musical accompaniment. That's not to say there aren't up-tempo club bangers on the album. "The Level" ramps up the duo's approach with electronic elements and quickened pace.

OMG takes their fare share of opportunities to either shout out their name or boost their profile — "Organik Musik we can bear the fruit/we make hits y'all wear the bruise" they spit on "OMG." It's a tough claim to make of being the best when your first album is just being released, but bravado has always been a part of hip-hop.

The biggest problem I had with the album was the lack of something memorable to grab on to. The lyrics occasionally hit their mark with a message, but often felt like they veered off track just trying to find a word that rhymed. Hooks come and go, but none offered the earworm to make me hit rewind and listen to a track again. The elements are there for something solid, but the 14 tracks clocking in at just over 50 minutes were relatively even-keeled.

There are some solid moments on Genesis, but too often it feels like a side project and not the main focus of two guys hustling to make a career out of it.

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