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CD Review: Michael Reno Harrell



The Deal: Former Charlotte resident releases new album from just up the road.

The Good: Michael Reno Harrell's music is soaked in Carolina history. It's got flavors of folk, Americana and country all stewed together in the form of his latest, 15-song album, The River. "Tennessee Border" has hints of bluegrass, "Lucinda" finds rock influence, while other songs present steel pedal guitar and fiddle that lean more toward country. Often times his music is set far back in the mix, to focus on the story, which works well with his style and lyrics that take the listener on a journey.

The Bad: Harrell's deep vocals fit nicely into his storytelling style, though he may not be the best singer. His voice tends to waver in and out of key at times, but hey, that guy Dylan isn't the best vocalist, either.

The Verdict: Even if you weren't familiar with Harrell before he moved to Morganton, he still comes back to perform on a regular basis.

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