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CD Review: Matt Costa

Unfamiliar Faces



The Deal: With cultivated tastes, solo artist Matt Costa releases sophomore album full of eclectic sounds. The album was produced by Tom Dumont (guitarist of No Doubt).

The Good: The album starts off with Costa's first single "Mr. Pitiful," a frolicsome piano tune that will stay in your head for days. It goes on to "Lilacs," another fresh and breezy track, as well as others of this style including the bouncy guitars, drums and a swirl of horns on "Emergency Call" and the catchy and possibly future second single "Cigarette Eyes." "Vienna," will jump out at listeners as Costa portrays a soothing and reminiscent sketch of roaming through Europe. Nevertheless, Costa's album has a darker side with acoustic gears and harmonica on "Never Looking Back," the moody and harmonic "Downfall" and the folk/country akin "Bound" and "Heart Of Stone." The album has a good balance of dreamy and melancholy musical crafts that stray from various musical genres: acoustic rock, pop and more specifically Brit-pop, folk and country. The albums final track "Miss Magnolia" incorporates both a banjo and ukulele and is adjacent to Appalachian mountain music.

The Bad: I enjoyed every minute of the album, so what can I say that is bad?

The Verdict: From the first listen of Unfamiliar Faces, you'll have more than a few tracks on your mind. With a second listen, the entire album will be etched in. Costa can captivate a variety of listeners with his knack for passionate harmonies.

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