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CD Review: Marshall Tucker Band

Carolina Dreams Tour '77



The Deal: Big ole good ole boys in big ole hats and boots who weren't afraid to let a flute lead 'em captured at the height of their powers in a '77 show in Passaic, N.J.

The Good: Southern rock pioneers Marshall Tucker had a unique sound that featured a hunk of Allman flavoring in Toy Caldwell's guitar coupled with a couple of lead singers, Caldwell and Doug Gray, who could sing cowboy better than most country singers. As this live concert footage covered in a DVD and two CDs demonstrates, the band didn't use any studio gimmicks to sound better. Gray's harmonies on "Can't You See" are jaw dropping, especially for a band many considered low country growlers. But that notion is quickly dispelled by listening to Gray glide effortlessly through high-pitched anthems like "Heard It in A Love Song" and "Fire on the Mountain" and still have plenty of juice left to hit the high hard ones harmonizing with Caldwell. You could drop most of this stuff in the country market today and have it at the top of the charts by tomorrow morning.

The Bad: Caldwell brothers Toy and Tommy along with rhythm guitarist George McCorkle are dead. This is the only remaining concert footage featuring all the original members.

The Verdict: Great time capsule and keepsake for fans.

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