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CD Review: Mark Kano's Walking on Broadway



The Deal: Front man Mark Kano of the former Greensboro-based alt-pop rock band Athenaeum releases debut solo album.

The Good: While it's not Athenaeum, it's not drastically different in sound. Songs on the album are a little more lovey-dovey ("Telling You I love You," "Baby I'm Your Man") at times, and there's a lot less relationship brooding, which made up much of the lyrical content on Athenaeum albums. But fans of the defunct Athenaeum – which reforms here and there for shows – will find this album worthy of a few listens. The CD is full of catchy tunes like "Walking On Broadway," and "I'm Still Waiting." Highlights also include "Sad Songs," an upbeat groove and "Mr. Dog Catcher," a song soft in sound, like a child's lullaby.

The Bad: The album only contains eight songs.

The Verdict: Support local music and add this well-crafted CD to your collection. You can get it from, or at iTunes. Also, be sure to check out Mark Kano's performance at The Evening Muse on May 29.

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