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CD REVIEW: Lupe Fiasco's Lasers



THE DEAL: Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco's long-awaited third album finally hits stores.

THE GOOD: After a successful second album, the anticipation building up to the release of Lasers was monumental due to his loyal fans. But if you expect the same content or story telling on this album that Fiasco provided with The Cool or Food & Liquor, think again. This is an album all about him. Partially filled with guest artists — some known and others not — Fiasco has knockout moments pulling no punches as he covers topics such as suicide, racism and his beef with President Obama. On his track "Words I Never Said," Fiasco raps candidly on his disapproval of President Obama and not voting for him, along with his most meaningful track, "Beautiful Lasers (2 Ways)," Fiasco exposes some personal battles. Other noteworthy tracks include "Till I Get There," "All Black Everything," "State Run Radio" and "Never Forget You."

THE BAD: The record label putting a 12-song cap on an album fans waited six months for seems pretty unfair to the artist. It leaves the album feeling incomplete.

THE VERDICT: Despite his record label wanting to make Lasers more radio-friendly, Fiasco was able to hold true to himself and his fans with a very solid album. Now the only question left to be asked is, what if Fiasco had done Lasers his way?

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