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CD Review: Ludo

You're Awful, I Love You



The Deal: Ludo, a band who draws their name from a character in Jim Henson's film Labyrinth, releases follow-up to 2005's Broken Bride EP and 2003 debut.

The Good: You're Awful I Love You is laden with catchy energetic rock hooks. The album begins with the band's first single, "Love Me Dead," a zestful track with cynical lyrics regarding the torture of a hurtful and addictive relationship, while "Drunken Lament" bemoans of getting drunk on account of a breakup. The lyrics profess: "You were the mermaid for me/ Till one day, you found your feet/ Leaving me in the God-awful bottle/ a model of heart-ache and grief." There are other fine tracks like, "Topeka," a song of hopefulness and positivism (See lyrics: "Every saint has a past/ Every sinner has a future") and "Lake Pontchartrain," a ska-rock sounding diddy that consists of some memorable and demanding chants. Another track titled "Streetlights" slows down with vocalist/guitarist Andrew Volpe proving he can be mellow without draining the music of its juice. Each track is witty and rambunctious, showing that not only can the band play their instruments (which by the way, includes a moog synthesizer) with ardor, but they are gifted at cracking jokes, pointing fingers and telling stories.

The Bad: Nothing. The album is exciting and full of songs that make you want to jump around.

The Verdict: No need to call the rocks, instead call the radio stations, grab a tooth brush and sing along with this new album.

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