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CD REVIEW: Lucky Five's La Resistance



THE DEAL: Charlotte quintet Lucky Five releases eight-song, 33-minute album.

THE GOOD: The album comes out of the corner swinging with the upbeat "Something In Your Head." The songs are propelled by the vocals of singer Marques Nash, but that's not to downplay the instrumental talents contained here. Guitar work by Shago Elizondo and Jonathan Fung harmonize well — whether tearing through riffs, sparking rhythm or trading solos, such as on "LA Live." Andy Morimoto's bass drives the back end while Jesse Williams isn't afraid to expand on a simple beat without overwhelming the song. Nash also plays keys to give an added element and some depth to what might be a typical rock band otherwise.

THE BAD: Every time I thought Nash's vocals were lacking in a quality, he immediately proved my ears wrong in the next moment. Didn't see a credit listed in the liner notes for Jackie Wilson, who provides spot-on female backing vocals.

THE VERDICT: The band fuses its rock base with elements of jazz, funk and blues to form an amalgam that's melodic without being overly pop. You can easily hear in the album's eight tracks that these guys put on a helluva live show — that energy is contained here and only peaks interest in seeing them on stage.

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