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CD Review: Limp Bizkit

Rock im PARK 2001


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The Deal: A concert film recorded at Rock im Park in Nuremberg, Germany on June 1, 2001.

The Good: First official live DVD from Limp Bizkit, one of the catalysts and hitmakers of the nu metal and rap-metal blasts of the late 1990s. This disc captures their gig at Germany's biggest and most prestigious rock festival Rock im Park held annually in Nuremberg. The year was 2001 when the band was clearly at the height of its popularity. There are two versions of the concert, the original version and remix version where Carolina-bred frontman Fred Durst and company trounce through a set of songs including "Rollin'," "Show Me What You Got," "Faith" and the theme from Mission Impossible 2, "Take a Look Around." I never much cared for their blend, so a single screening was enough for me, but fans will certainly dig it. Extras include an eight-minute quickie interview with DJ Lethal.

The Bad: I don't mind nonstop f-bombs, if someone's trying to make a point, otherwise, yaaawwwn.

The Verdict: Hardcore fans should certainly snap it up. Those mildly interested can get a taste of the genre.


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