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CD Review: Lily Allen's It's Not Me, It's You



The Deal: Brit singer Lily Allen releases sophomore album, follow-up to Alright, Still.

The Good: You can't say that Allen doesn't speak her mind. There's plenty of talk about sex and drugs on the album. The opening track, "Everyone's At It," is about the widespread use of drugs and anti-depressants. Her songs are musically pop most of the time, but her lyrics and honesty give an edge that isn't usually found in the genre. She's not afraid to trash a former lover's lack of sexual prowess on the country-tinged "Not Fair" – "There's just one thing that's getting in the way, when we go up to bed you're just no good." It's hard not to smile at a cheeky, upbeat pop song that sounds so happy, yet the chorus is "Fuck you, Fuck you very, very much."

The Bad: First off, musically, I'll say that I could deal with a little less of the techno/electronic side of her music. Personally, a lot of her hard-partying ways might justify all of the gossip, but it's still difficult to believe that she's only 23 years old – she turns 24 in May. It's not like we're talking about a talentless hack like Paris Hilton or completely wasted Amy Winehouse here. This girl's got some talent and enough brains to keep it together long enough to put on a decent show.

The Verdict: She may enjoy her fair share of time in the tabloids, but she aims to show a side of her that should be more widely recognized. While her music lends itself to top 40 radio, her lyrics steer clear and earned her a spot at Bonnaroo two years ago. The album – mostly lyrically – is almost as attention-grabbing as the tabloids and is sure to keep you paying attention.

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