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CD Review: Lenny Kravitz

It's Time for a Love Revolution



The Deal: Soulful rock funkster releases first new album in more than three years.

The Good: A return back to form, perhaps? Kravitz hits all the right notes on the new album, conjuring up images of Let Love Rule. It's got the grooves, the soul, the right kick-in-the-rock-ass that you'd expect from him. Once again, he plays most of the instruments on the album, only staying away from the classical strings and horns. Some of Kravitz' albums in the past have had their ups and downs, but Love Revolution is consistent from start to finish. His heart weeps on "A Long and Sad Goodbye," he finds the old-school funk for "Dancin' Till Dawn" and rocks steady for the 14-track duration.

The Bad: I can't get past what sounds like a sour note that Kravitz hits on the word "beginning" in "Good Morning" – rest of the song is great, though. Where's the bass? It sounds like there isn't much on the low end anywhere on the album.

The Verdict: Kravitz has said he plans to tour for the next two years in support of the album. Let the Revolution begin!

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