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CD Review: Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim



The Deal: Brooklyn-basesd singer-songwriter releases his third studio effort.

The Good: Langhorne Slim is another one of those artists you can lump in with The Avett Brothers and The New Familiars as groups that are creating something new while based in old Americana and folk. From stripped-down tunes like "Sometimes" that feature Slim on acoustic guitar with minimal support to kicked-up tracks like "The Honeymood" that feature Slim with more of a backing band (The War Eagles), the album gives you a listen to all facets of his lyrics, songwriting and instrumentation. He comes closest to capturing his live energy on "She's Gone."

The Bad: The disc contains 13 songs in just under 36 minutes – I wanted more.

The Verdict: Slim fit right in as an opener for The Avett's New Year's Eve show and this album is a fine representation of his live show. While it lacks the energy and what you get visually from his on-stage personality, it's worth checking out.

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