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CD Review: L.A. Tool & Die



The Deal: Locals release sophomore album, The Last Thorn of Summer, on AAJ Records.

The Good: L.A. Tool & Die isn't trying to be like anyone else. They use a mellow approach – simplistic lyrics and rhythms – to draw the listener in. The quintet's album uses organ and piano, in addition to the standard setup, to give more depth to their sound and the female vocals add nice harmonies – see "Well-A-Day." Elements of '80s pop, classical elements and humor combine with indie rock to create a unique, refreshing sound.

The Bad: The 10 tracks clock in at just under 30 minutes, but it's enough to hold you over.

The Verdict: They may not have the best hooks, but that's made up for in entertainment value. It's not a vocal showcase, but it's not trying to be. The songs are fun to listen to and the layering of the music makes for an interesting listen. The CD release party is Feb. 22 at Snug Harbor.

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