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CD Review: Juliana Hatfield's Peace and Love



The Deal: Indie fave and former Blake Babies member, Juliana Hatfield, releases her 11th solo album.

The Good: Known for many of her DIY ways, Hatfield's latest album is no different. Released on her own label, the album features her playing all instruments on the album along with producing and engineering the 12-track disc. Her vocals are layered on themselves to create a mild harmony on the title track. Hatfield has always been known for simple yet meaningful lyrics. The album sounds more stripped down than anything she's done before – acoustic guitar dominates the landscape. She gives some insight into her long relationship with friend Evan Dando on the song "Evan." These are the intimate thoughts of a woman who has lived a long career in music and decided to drop all the bullshit and put out the album she wants in its most basic form without losing any hint of poetic emotion.

The Bad: To those not familiar with Hatfield's other work, the album might come across as another girl-with-guitar simple folk album without much substance. To those who have been listening for a long time – she's been around for 20 years – you get a better look at the "naked" side of the singer that's more exposed and unpolished.

The Verdict: She had hits with "My Sister" and "Spin the Bottle," but her obscure work is more often her best. The new album is no different. This isn't about pleasing anyone but herself and staying true to her words and music. Amazing that after two decades, there's still another side of her to be shown.

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