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CD REVIEW: Jeremy Current's Dark Land of the Sun



THE DEAL: Charlotte singer-songwriter releases full-length album, follow-up to House on Fire EP.

THE GOOD: Falling on that folk/alt-country line, Jeremy Current opens his 10-song album with "FYEO," a heartfelt tune with his soothing vocals front and center. The music is presented as something simple with hints of pedal steel behind him, his storytelling focused in the spotlight. While the instruments sound sparse, listen closely and you can peel back the layers. "Go Up North" offers the right hint of harmony by Molly Skaggs, while his voice also finds the right accompaniment on "Angel." He mines an Appalachian vibe for "Will You Be" thanks to the help of banjo player and fellow Charlotte resident Bailey Cooke. It's not all acoustic either, as the electric guitar illuminates the way on a few songs without being overpowering. The way it floats in on standout track "My Name" offers the right energy — hints of punk ethic for a solo before the song picks up and carries the listener away. There's a '50s element to the kickdrum backdrop of "Little Moon" stirred in with a more soulful vocal delivery.

THE BAD: There are moments when Current truly shines because of the rhythm of the music or the harmonies presented and, at times, I wished they happened more often.

THE VERDICT: Current has solid songwriting and lyrical content and the perfect voice for its delivery. The music isn't too complex, but there are enough elements to give it depth and highlight the words in the right atmosphere. It's an album that starts off on solid footing, but still manages to get better with each track and each listen.

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