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CD REVIEW: Jenny and Johnny's I'm Having Fun Now



THE DEAL: Rilo Kiley's Jenny Lewis teams up with boyfriend/singer-songwriter Jonathan Rice for 11-song, 35-minute album.

THE GOOD: Lewis and Rice offer these songs in the truest sense of the word duet ­— sharing vocal duties on all tracks and usually offering them in a playful back-and-forth style. Some are more ballad-based and others are quicker indie-pop tunes, but all offer a glimpse into the duo's relationship as much as it does combine songwriting talents for enjoyable songs. "While Men Are Dreaming" may sound like a lullaby, but a crashing guitar hiding in the background gives it a indie feel. There's a '60s pop-rock overtone in many of the tunes, giving the album a retro feel yet still sounding fresh in its entirety. "Just Like Zeus" gets a bit of "La Bamba" spice added to it via guitar riffs.

THE BAD: No complaints. It's a quick and enjoyable album. At times I wanted a little more depth to the music, but the vocals and lyrics are the feature here and keeping it simple is what works best.

THE VERDICT: It seems like, with the success of She & Him, there are more and more guy/girl duos releasing new albums. This one's got the songwriting talent to stand on its own. Worth checking out if you're a fan of Lewis, Rice or even She & Him for that matter.

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