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CD Review: HodgePodge Messiahs



The Deal: Combine hip-hop group Eyes of the Elders with local poet Turtle and a variety of the area's beatsmiths for a 33-track album, Casual Sabbath.

The Good: The album's feel is similar to that of Jim Morrison's An American Prayer – spoken word and poetry done over music. Some tracks lean toward hip-hop more than just spoken word – "About to Be," "Transparent Dreams." The backdrop for the words are all over the place – from hip-hop to rock to something that sounds like it's straight outta India. The lengths are completely varied as well, tracks go from as short as 26 seconds to as long as four-and-a-half minutes.

The Bad: 33 tracks lasting an hour and 20 minutes can be a lot to wade through when it's lyrically/mentally heavy. The only thing bad is finding the time to focus on it.

The Verdict: You need to spend some time with this one. While a lot of music is out to get your body moving or feelings stirred, this album's about thought. The grooves may grab you just the same, but it's the lyrics, poetry and spoken emotions that you should be paying attention to here. So many thoughts offered by three distinct voices over a vast aural conglomerate – HodgePodge, indeed.

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