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CD Review: Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown



The Deal: Green Day teams up with producer Butch Vig for long-awaited follow-up to 2004's Grammy-winning American Idiot.

The Good: Like its predecessor, 21st Century Breakdown's 18 tracks follow a general theme. This time around, it's Christian and Gloria we're following through a three-act set. The band keeps the tracks diverse ranging from up-tempo punk in the classic Green Day sense and ballads that look to recapture the spirit of "Time of Your Life." That's not to say these songs have been heard before as much as to say it sounds like Green Day has always sounded. It seems like the most-talked-about track and sure to be one of the biggest singles on the album is the straight-forward punk rock of "East Jesus Nowhere."

The Bad: Is it just me, or is the first single, "Know Your Enemy," incredibly repetitive?

The Verdict: The concept/themed album can be a bit much to get your arms around and truly grasp as a whole, but taken individually, the songs are enjoyable and fans of the band will be pleased. Instead of simply hammering out the first things in their minds, the band has taken a little more effort to put a true album together and the work has paid off in one of the band's better efforts.

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