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CD Review: Grace Potter & The Nocturnals



The Deal: Soulful Vermont rockers release fourth studio album, second for major label.

The Good: With a grunt and a '70s style riff, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals kick off their latest album, keeping the bluesy soulful vibe of albums past while offering something a bit dirtier ... a hint more of a rock edge than expected. Potter showcases her range, power and soul in every word she sings. Where her vocals are usually center stage, the album also feels like she's giving the band more free range when it comes to psychedelic hints and musical additions layered underneath – echoed guitar notes compliment Potter's own organ chords. "Medicine" has a radio-friendly groove, and an audience sing-along chorus to go with it – and a few screams from Potter as well. "Goodbye Kiss" shows a different side of the band with a reggae beat and steel pedal sounds. "Tiny Light" is a song she performed live last year, to those who find it familiar, and is another example of her band (and Potter, vocally) letting loose. The piano-driven "Colors" slows things down giving a bluesy rest midway through.

The Bad: That they don't play Charlotte more often.

The Verdict: Grace Potter's vocals never fail to impress me, and her music gets better with each album. The scary thing is, she's even better live.

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