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CD Review: G-Unit

T.O.S. (Terminate on Site)



The Deal: G-Unit dumps Young Buck and kicks out another album that reminds me why I don't bump New York rap these days.

The Good: They were smart enough to leave Young Buck on a few songs, keeping a couple tracks from being complete wastes of time. Every now and then, Yayo's topical lyrics warranted a chuckle (Eliot Spitzer is an easy laugh these days). "Let It Go" was good. "Get Down" has a classic Swizz Beats sound. It's only an average track but after listening to the tracks before it, the lowered expectations make this good. N.C. is shouted out on the album's last track "Make The World Go Around."

The Bad: You may remember Vanilla Ice trying to explain the difference between his hit "Ice Ice Baby" and David Bowie/Queen's "Under Pressure" and how, at the end of the day, they were essentially the same exact tune. That's the best way to describe most of the beats on this album. 50 Cent's presence is like the pretty girl with ugly friends, and apparently he only raps to the level of those around him, so don't expect to hear any parts of Curtis, The Massacre or Get Rich Or Die Tryin' because no one in the camp is forcing him to up his game.

The Verdict: G-Unit isn't entertaining unless they have a specific target for their beef-ready lyrics. I wonder why all the lines seem to include a description of a murder weapon and crime scene, including the car color, food they were eating and outfit worn when they off'd their hypothetical foe? They sound like a bad New York group trying to get on and be gangsta, not a group that's sold 4 million albums worldwide. They need Buck around just to break up the nonsense and monotony. Isn't it Banks' turn to do some time?

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