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CD Review: Feufollet's En Coleurs



The Deal: Here's a highly skilled Cajun band – great vocalists, male and femme – who kick it indie style, playing multi-faceted Cajun tunes. Unusual arrangements and weird instruments – like a 1980s digital autoharp – create extra textures and mix magic. All originals, too.

The Good: Spirited, innovative Cajun music, groundbreaking, but still highly listenable and danceable. Solid, satisfying, soulful, layered, playful, it's creative yet still somewhat trad. Lots of variety here, not just two-steps and waltzes, even some experimental sounds, to boot. Gotta love the first tune "Au Fond Du Lac", with its not-too-fast beat, oddly reminding me of a Cajun cumbia. The cuts are uniformly coherent and good, astonishing in this current realm of commercial music. Special mention goes to barn burner "Si T'As Fini Avec Moi." Cut number 7, "Ouvre La Porte" has their two dueling vocalists suggesting shades of Kate McGarrigle meeting the spirit of D.L. Menard.

The Bad: It's all in French, but that gives it feeling, emotion and atmosphere. If you want the words, get a dictionary. Nevertheless, the songs most definitely work in any language.

Vedict: Energetic, expert musicians, they leave you winded with their virtuosity, panache and sheer exuberance. With their infectious Francophone take, they embody the past, present and future of Cajun music, offering an entrée (sorry) into the world of Acadian culture. Not just accordions, fiddles and guitars anymore, but with glockenspiels, piano and power chords, a new genre is born.

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