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CD Review: Feufollet

Cow Island Hop



The Deal: Latest rebirth of Cajun. It's the real deal. Caution: Contains accordion solos that can change the world.

The Good: So many superlatives here – new arrangements, rhythmical grooves, spooky ballads, strikingly new sounds, yet still respectful of Francophone culture. From the glorious opening din of "Prends Courage" through raucous Cajun two-steps, the ghost of D.L. Menard lives. Incorporating scintillating syncopation, stylistic advances and unconventional arrangements, this young band of six playfully experiments with various elements and pulls it off. Veering from tradition with backwards vocals, mellotrons and horn arrangements, this 20-something band closes in on Louisiana standards with a new take, new arrangements and a new look. These folks conjure up the sounds of the legendary Louisiana Aces and Steve Riley, adding new twists and turns yet remaining faithful to the music's integrity, drive and traditional themes. Vibrant, subtle, bouncy and lively as a flying mallet, this CD is one helluva pleasant surprise. Good production, too. It's gratifying that Lafayette, Louisiana is producing wonderful homegrown talents such as these.

The Bad: Only that the music finally ends. A nouveau, retro breakthrough.

The Verdict: If you like energetic accordions, fiddles, nasally vocals (dude sounds like Joe Henry), rollicking dance tunes, waltzes and musical experimentation, tune in. These archival kinds of guys – and one female – step up to the mike and deliver.

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