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CD review: Evelynn Rose



The Deal: Charlotte band Evelynn Rose independently releases its second album, Like Royalty.

The Good: The band kicks off the album with "Everyone Knows," a solid Southern rocker that spends five minutes letting you know what the band is capable of – solid solos, strong vocals and good songwriting. The band is able to balance acoustic and electric guitar work well throughout the album. The title track offers a few shout-outs to the Queen City, and "Let it Rain" is sure to quickly become a sing-along during live shows. It's not all rowdy as they slow it down for "Hard Way Life" and "Love Like Pulling Teeth" and find a bluesy side on "Too Late." They also draw the listener in with solid lyrics and the seven-minute "Forgive and Forget." With more heartfelt lyrics and attention paid to songwriting, the band is poised for longevity instead of a fast rock 'n' roll trainwreck.

The Bad: I've never been a fan of bands using their own name in songs ...

The Verdict: No sign of a sophomore slump – the band offers up some of its best music yet. They're getting ready for a big nationwide tour, but they'll be back soon to celebrate the album's release.

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