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CD Review: Eastern Conference Champions




The Deal: Pennsylvania based indie-rock trio, releases new album, Ameritown on Suretone Records.

The Good: Ameritown is filled with a batch of loud and intense guitar rocking tracks, along with piano/keys, accordion, bass, glockenspiel (think bells) and drums. Tracks like "Some Sorta Light" and "Yuppy Hipster Fuck" start off slowly and later pick up the pace, while the track "Pitch a Fit" keeps a tight hold on being calm and quiet. "Single Sedative" resembles a protesting anthem, with its repetition of "Hey Yeah." "The Box" proves to be one of the best tracks on this album because of its soothing vibe. Lyrically, this track seems to reflect the pain that hope can bring in life. Altogether, both musically and lyrically, Ameritown proves to be a little different than other indie rock CDs.

The Bad: Certain songs on the album stand out and others don't, although they still give enough energy to move bodies. Singer Josh Ostrander's voice is one of those like it or hate it voices. It is unique, but at times hard to hear and a bit whiny.

The Verdict: Try it out. The music is fun and easy feel good rock.

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