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CD Review: Disturbed




The Deal: Hard-rockers, having sold more than 10 million albums, release fourth album.

The Good: If you like Disturbed, chances are you'll be happy with the band's latest effort. The quartet takes the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach sticking with the same sound they've had since their debut, The Sickness. You can easily take all of the band's songs, throw them in a pile and have a hard time figuring out which songs came from which album. There are, on this album like others, moments of darkness that go hand-in-hand with metal music. Sure, it's not as dark as Slipknot or the cookie-monster-vocal bands, but it's heavy while remaining melodic. And unlike the cookie-monster bands, you can actually understand every word that singer David Draiman says.

The Bad: Sometimes not changing things up can get a bit repetitive. You can also change things up and lose your fanbase. Disturbed has stuck with their formula, creating a hard-rock sound that's radio-friendly.

The Verdict: The problem with not changing things up enough is you start to get the feeling of, "Didn't I just hear that song?" Draiman has a great voice for rock, but the band is teetering on the edge of becoming stale.

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