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CD Review: Deaf Pedestrians

And Other Distractions



The Deal: Dallas quartet releases second album – a combination of seven songs from their debut album and four new songs.

The Good: The lyrics of "Hail to the Geek," the Deaf Pedestrians on demand track, has already aired on TV shows My Super Sweet 16 and Beauty and the Geek, and it proves to be quite comical. "Hail to the Geek" is a catchy rock popesque tune that pays homage to having a "Spiderman T-shirt," a "bad mustache," playing "Dungeons and Dragons" and combing "the mullet," amidst other implied geek like activities. Deaf Pedestrians will surely be a hit with Puddle of Mudd fans and the whole slew of post-grunge wannabe bands.

The Bad: None of the other tracks resemble "Hail to the Geek." Much of the lyrical content on the album is half-baked. It's all mostly about failing relationships, having a beer and just not caring about anything. Take for instance the track "Splatter," about nonchalantly murdering and then burying a bad girlfriend. There is also "15 Beers Ago," "Walk Out on Me" and "Super Nice Guy," all of them being about sour and stale relationships. Charlton Parker is sloppy on vocals. On most of the tracks he is so focused on screaming and blaring out off-key southern inflections, that it gets extremely annoying after just a few songs.

The Verdict: Deaf Pedestrians' new album And Other Distractions is tasteless, unless that is you consider vomit a noteworthy flavor.

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