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CD Review: Carter's Chord

Carter's Chord


The Deal: There's a new girl band in country music: Joanna, Becky and Emily Robertson. Sisters strung together to make Carter's Chord that just released their debut, self-titled album. Upon first glance of the CD, I thought it was SheDaisy, but Carter's Chord is more like their younger stepsisters.

The Good: Track number four, "When We Get There." I had to stop the song and replay it to hear the lyrics. It is country music after all. Carter's Chord's included – "What's up with all these expectations?/ Doing these things we're suppose to do/ don't know why we don't make up our moves/ Baby pawn that diamond ring/ we'll buy a road map and some gasoline/ and we'll take a drive, by my side/ and we'll figure out where when we get there." It was like something that should be on the Sex and the City movie soundtrack.

The Bad: They sound a lot like most of the existing country groups. A lot of acoustics, chick choruses, light lyrics and bitter boy ballads. But I only really enjoyed one-and-a-half songs on the entire 10-track album. And I love SheDaisy and the Dixie Chicks if that tells you anything.

The Verdict: Although they have all the tools to succeed, I'm not sure if we'll be hearing them on the radio anytime soon. I may like their song, but I'm not sure they have the song yet that will make them, make it. But it's a worth a listen – at least a sample on MySpace. And they're also touring with Toby Keith, who also happens to be the producer of their album.

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