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CD Review: Bubonik Funk


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The Deal: Charlotte quartet, which has been together for three years, releases latest EP, OTB.

The Good: Combining elements of funk, jazz and even a little jam band, the album starts off with "OTB" – a Phish-like groove, offset by a funky chorus. The band lets it rip on "Queen Bee" with guitar riffs that sound like something off a Hendrix album. The keys can also add some depth when needed. I'm on the fence about the lyrics and vocals – they sound fine on tracks such as "Ziggy's Lament" and I didn't have a problem with the spoken word vibe on "Queen Bee," but the key sounds a little off at times on "Buru" and "Dancing Bear." However, the music more than makes up for the shortcomings in that department.

The Bad: No offense to the guy in the photo, but I was curious why only one band member – assuming that he's in the band – is featured inside the CD cover. Unless it's just some random guy's "Glamour Shot" or perhaps a tribute to a loved one?

The Verdict: A quick-hitting five tracks built on fine instrumentation. The songs may be a little weak vocally/lyrically at times, but the grooves will get you by. The band has gone in different directions since leaving for colleges around the country, but they keep in touch and have played a few gigs over the holiday break. Keep your eyes, and ears, out for them.


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