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CD Review: Black Kids

Partie Traumatic



The Deal: Debut album from Jacksonville, Fla., band – yet another "Artist to Watch"/"Buzz Band."

The Good: The band's music sounds like a marriage of disco rhythms and '80s goth vocals with pop sensibility. Picture The Cure's Robert Smith singing over the Bee Gees music and you're headed in the right direction for the band's opening track of "Hit the Heartbreaks." It gives the band points for originality, but the lyrics can be simplistic. Brother/sister combo of Ali and Reggie Youngblood have vocals that pair up nicely without trying to find the perfect harmony. The band's first single, "I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You," sounds a lot like The Cure, as well.

The Bad: For quite a few years now, there's been all this talk of a "retro" movement in music – bands are taking old sounds and making them fresh again. I'm not sure that disco beats will ever sound fresh again.

The Verdict: The band's songs are solid, but the beats make the album feel a little dated. The songs are catchy, I'll give them that ... but sometimes it just sounds too much like Robert Smith singing over a pop band.

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