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CD REVIEW: Belmont Playboys' Complicated Life



THE DEAL: Local rockers Belmont Playboys release latest, long-awaited album, produced by Mark Lynch.

THE GOOD: If you ask singer Mike Hendrix, this new album is about 10 years in the making. And for loyal fans, it was definitely worth the wait. The Playboys have been the greaser rock staple in the Charlotte area for decades, and the experience shows from the first notes that ring out on "Bad Man." Every song here fits right in with what the Playboys do best — from the '50s style rock that kicks off the album, to the slappin' rockabilly of "Complicated Life" and "Growin' Up Gearhead," to the Latin swagger of "Hey Senorita." They slow things down for "Monkey Business" before kicking off a two-minute instrumental with "The Hammer." They aren't reinventing the wheel — they're breathing life into a much loved and straightforward brand of rock.

THE BAD: Only that it took so damn long ...

THE VERDICT: The uninitiated may think "rockabilly" bands are a one-trick pony, but The Playboys show diversity within the genre. The 15 tracks here show why the Belmont Playboys have gathered such a dedicated worldwide fanbase and why they've managed to survive for so long. Hendrix, bassist Jeff Hendrix, guitarist Chipps Baker and drummer Mark Painter continue to do what they do best. Dig it ... The release party will be at Tremont Music Hall on Nov. 20.

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