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CD REVIEW: Anna Bullard's Split Heart


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The Deal: Charlotte songstress Anna Bullard releases debut, 11-song CD.

The Good: Split Heart kicks off with a vocal, immediately letting the listener know what's going to be front center for the duration of the disc. Bullard's voice is reminiscent of Zooey Deschanel of She & Him — enough sweetness to be soothing and enough emotion to get her point across. "Find Me In Hiding" leads off the album as her vocals lead the way over acoustic strumming and some soft drumming. There's a '50s style to the second song, aptly titled, "Second Song," about having a crush on a guy. The album is without the typical downhill slide, instead maintaining its quality from start to finish.

The Bad: Some may tag Bullard as a simple folk singer, but there's an undefinable characteristic that sets her apart. To lump her together with the monotonous majority would be a mistake. I was a bit startled by the abrupt ending of "Sing Real Pretty."

The Verdict: Bullard has a genuine tone to her vocals that gives her emotional credibility in her storytelling lyrics. Her voice provides a nice balance — a striking and appropriate contrast to the music that backs her.


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