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CD REVIEW: Angwish's Data West


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THE DEAL: Charlotte duo Angwish releases its fifth full-length album — a b-sides and rarities collection.

THE GOOD: Celebrating 15 years isn't a milestone that many bands get to see, let alone a local duo that has been scrapping it together themselves. The album includes tracks from their days as a power trio up through last year. It starts with the acoustic "I Wanna Be Your Monkey" from 2010, before going to the Beach Boys-esque lead-in of "Neighbor" from 2001. The album goes back to songs from 1997 showing a more Nirvana-esque side of the distortion-laden band's past. The variety of tracks shows diversity in the band's songwriting as much as a diversity in styles.

THE BAD: There are two ways to look at an album like this — one is to expect that you're not getting the best stuff they've written — that's on the previous albums. The second is to look at it as a snapshot of how far the band has come, to hear what they didn't like and wanted to finally let their fans hear.

THE VERDICT: It's an album for fans and not the most polished introduction to their music, but it does give fans a look at "what else" the band has recorded over the years. Angwish is commemorating its anniversary with a CD release party at Smokey Joe's Cafe.


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