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CD Review: 10 Years




The Deal: Alt-rockers release sophomore album, follow-up to Autumn Effect.

The Good: The album's first single, "Beautiful," has flooded the airwaves. The question is whether the rest of the album can stand up to that and stand out from each other. There are plenty of radio-friendly hits on the album and the required acoustic ballads, "Dying Youth" and "So Long, Good-Bye." Singer Jesse Hasek has a similar tone to Tool's Maynard James Keenan at times – not that anyone could really compare to Keenan. "All Your Lies" even tries to go for a more complicated, harder, Tool-like sound and may be the lone stand-out track on the album for originality. While the songs are hook-y and mainstream enough to make it on the radio, is that what a band should aim for these days?

The Bad: Sometimes bands try to follow up on success by sticking to the "formula" and trying to find it again. While the album is pretty solid from start to finish, it tends to sound a little repetitive. The problem with rock music today is that it lacks in defined originality and significant substance.

The Verdict: It's not bad, but the band needs to mix it up a little bit. The music isn't particularly groundbreaking and instead relies on the vocal stylings of Hasek. If they can add a little more depth, they'll be around for a while.

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