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CBD Oil For Dogs: Dosage Guide Based on Their Ailments


In this article, we have provided realistic dosages based on the research done by several vets. As soon as you figure out the best CBD dosage for your pet, the sooner you will be able to control a variety of diseases in them.

Dogs suffer from a number of diseases and several environmental factors play a role in causing them. So, no matter what breed you have and what environment the dog is growing up in, all must be taken into consideration while dosing them with CBD oil.

However, when it comes to fighting big diseases like cancer, the environment is hugely responsible. Some dogs might be exposed to weed killers in their immediate neighborhood, and some may stay in a smoggy area. These should be taken into consideration while determining the dosage of CBD oil.

So, let us walk you through the ailments noticed in dogs and how to start dosing medical cannabis in order to have your dog back on track.

Dosages for General Anxiety

The anxiety in dogs is not uncommon and if it occurs daily and your furry friend stays distressed, it is hard for you as a pet parent to see. So, the sooner you get help, the better it gets.

Medical cannabis is great to support general anxiety. You need some extra patience when you work to find the right dose. So, it is necessary to find a full range of products in the Pet hemp company Catalog that works for your pet. If you have been trying to manage anxiety with CBD oil and it's not working, you should try to find a better product.


  • Apply 9 to 12 mg for a period of 7 to 10 days on their gums.

  • Monitor and assess your pet and if you see no changes, then increase the dose.

  • Repeat this cycle until the dose suits your pet.

  • Split the dose into two phases, day and night so as to keep the CBD active in their body.

Dosages for General Arthritis

We know how painful arthritis is. Similar to us humans, your pet dog who is suffering from it also suffers pain and would want to get rid of it. To have the inflammation in control, it is better to start with higher dosages.


  • Use 12 to 15 mg every day dividing into two or three doses and apply it on their gums.

  • You will observe that they are turning proactive like before.

  • If you still see them in pain, then increase the dosage and start monitoring again.

  • Older dogs might require a higher dosage compared to the younger ones.

Dosages for General Allergies

The application of hemp oil on canines can treat various types of allergy symptoms, but you need to know the root cause of those allergies. Knowing the causes will allow you to make the changes as required in the cannabis content.

Most of the time allergies are due to leaky gut and that is not suitable for pets. To learn more about the common type of allergies in pups and dogs, click here.


  • Divide it into two to three dosages and apply 9 to 12 mg on their gums.

  • Monitor once in a week and increase the dosage as required seeing the improvement in your pup.

  • Symptoms just do not resolve completely, but your canine should feel better.

Dosages for Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

The canines suffering from cancer are highly sick. So, it is better to start with high dosages. The higher the dosages, the sooner it helps to support your pet’s body and fight those cancer cells.


  • Divide the dose of 40 to 50 mg into two or three phases and apply it on their gum.

  • Keep a journal notes on the improvement depending on the type of cancer your dog is suffering from

  • Take photos of your pet daily to observe the changes.

  • If you do not observe any improvement in their comfort and tumor size, make sure to increase the dose.

As for the autoimmune diseases, the dosage should be completely different.


  • The amount of CBD oil to use is 35 to 50 mg and apply it to the gums of your canine.

  • Make sure to monitor them every week and increase the dose accordingly.

Dosages for Seizures

Just like cancer, we cannot say that CBD can stop seizures in your pet but is considered to be one of the effective seizure management medicines. Make sure to begin with higher doses and curb them down once you gain control.

To know how seizures happen in your healthy pet, find a synopsis here: https://www.healthline.com/health/cbd-for-dogs


  • Make sure to use 35 to 40 mg of medical cannabis oil into 2 to 4 doses in a day

  • Make a journal and keep a track on the number, length, and severity of the seizure

  • To gain better control increase the dose. Some dogs completely get rid of seizures at times and some don’t, but the future attacks become less intense.

Wrapping Up

Using CBD oil to treat the different diseases that your pet is experiencing can ease and relieve them from their pain. However, it all depends on how it is applied. Always follow the required dosage for your pet. Giving them higher or lower than what their body needs will not give you significant results and may harm your pet. Never forget to slowly taper down the dosage in terms of prolonged usage. Lastly, make sure to use high-quality products.