Caskey, Cheyne & Matthew Thorsen, T Hype TFK, Zach D, Tanner Wayne

When: Tue., Dec. 17 2013


A former heavy metal fan, Orlando rapper Caskey didn’t immediately take to hip-hop. Admitting he “wasn’t a bad-ass kid,” Caskey says he hated gangsta rap, and it wasn’t until he heard the righteous lyricism of Nas that he came to the MC table. Though his recent signing to commercial label Cash Money rings ominous chimes of conformity, Caskey continues to be curious, candid and mature beyond his 21 years, addressing issues far thornier than working the game on a trio of mixtapes recorded over two years. The ache of inexplicable loss informs “Letter to my Father,” a subdued, yet clear-eyed examination of his dad’s downward spiral into suicide. Likewise, “Guns,” from recent mixtape The Transient Classics, is a matter-of-fact litany of street violence that avoids a preachy conclusion, allowing the listener to connect the dots. Transient’s centerpiece, “Too Much Information,” wrestles with the mental water-boarding of ceaseless marketing and thought control. When Caskey rattles on about Mayan mysteries and Area 51, his couplets can bounce off the edge of coherence, yet he still gets points for suggesting that the message should be the medium and not the other way ’round. (Pat Moran)

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